Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Consulting experience of Ramprasad Varanasi spans 20 + years in India. After his thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he has been a successful consultant in pharmaceutical companies. His consulting services have been in establishing companies from the foundation and taking them to expand over the years in the selected areas of operation. He has been responsible for expanding the market for Co-enzyme Q 10 and established for the first time, marketing Quinoa to the Medical Profession through active promotion to Doctors. His consulting services included Recruitment, Marketing, Selling, Product management functions, new Product introductions and training the field force both on subject matter, soft skills, and functional training.
He has also been a consultant for other verticals like Footwear Manufacturing and Textile manufacturing including marketing, selling, show room management. He has helped them and other companies in formulating their value systems, Vision and Mission Development and Organizational Restructuring.

At the present time, many organizations are suffering from a multitude of management issues, caused by the pandemic related activities, remote working, reduced input vs output expected and others. This brings in multitude of problems compounding on one another
If you or your organization is seeking for help, don’t you need to worry about: Mr. Ramprasad Varanasi is here to help you.
Basically most of organizations are busy in their other operations and their maximum time is spent on operations and might need additional support in management. It’s the perfect time and you have a lot of Management consulting company and individuals who are helping organizations with their skills.
If so, why to choose Mr. Ramprasad Varanasi?

Mr. Ramprasad Varanasi, rose from the level of a Medical Representative to Vice President Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry, He is the founder President and CEO of Smart Trainers and consultants established in 2007 in Hyderabad-India. He had a successful record of Management, Marketing and Training Consulting while leading his firm Smart Trainers and Consultants.

He has been a consultant in other verticals too like Consumer durables and nondurables manufacturing and marketing organizations.

As part of his management consultancy, he has organized norms of working, management consulting, marketing consulting, training consulting, managing show rooms, HR related policy framing, vision, mission, and values development for the companies he has handled. He established SOP preparation for the various roles in the organization, promotional and marketing plans, training of the sales and marketing staff, assistance in recruitment policy framework and other issues. In any organization he was associated with, he has been a part of minimum 2 years to set them on track. He has trained and counselled the Executive teams of the company successfully. Before he left the assignments, he took care to recruit the right personnel to lead the companies where he was offering consultancy.