Mr. Ramprasad Varanasi

Born on June 30, 1946, to illustrious parents who were in the field of education, I grew up alone, having lost my brother, when I was in my 5th Grade of my schooling. My place of birth was Madanapally, now in the District of Andhra Pradesh but then in the Madras Province.

My father Sri V R Shastri devoted his life to teaching in the famous Rishi valley High School and retired from there when I was in my School final. My mother Srimathi Parvathi Ramanadha Sastry also devoted her life to teaching in Govt. Girls High School and my life’s journey moved me to Tamil Nadu where I completed my Graduation, in Life Sciences, from Voorhees College, Vellore.

He has very rich experience in Marketing consulting in Pharmaceuticals and other verticals as he has been in Marketing and Selling for 30 years in INDIA.

What we offer

Management Consulting

Consulting experience of Ramprasad Varanasi spans 20 + years in India. He has offered successful consulting to Pharmaceutical Industry (where he worked for 30 years). His consulting services have been in establishing companies from the foundation and taking them to expand over the years in the selected areas of operation.

Marketing Consulting

He has very rich experience in Marketing consulting in Pharmaceuticals and other verticals as he has been in Marketing and Selling for 30 years in INDIA. His experience in marketing in footwear and textiles has been applauded over the 2 years assignments handled by him. He is now a student in Digital marketing

Organizational Consulting

Specialists in Trainers and Consultant has serious, inventive, empowering experience. We have developed ourselves in the Healthcare area (Read Hospitals, Diagnostic administrations, Pharmaceuticals) and have had our own encounters in the instructive areas where we have worked with the Institute's Board of Management, Faculties and Students.

Why Choose Us

Mr. Ramprasad Varanasi is highly educated and has 20 plus years of global industry experience and is here to help people and the industry with his great knowledge.  So to help the business industry and resources we are providing top-level global management business consulting and training to enhance the business opportunities so that employees and employers both will be in a win-win situation.

Mr. Ramprasad is known to have developed good leaders to the global industry like Indian pharmaceutical, health care, teaching faculty etc, by his great leadership, marketing and training programs. We are ready to offer guidance and business consultancy to  assist your personal and professional skills and assist you to move in the right direction for your business growth.

Our Marketing consultancy program will enhance your organizational marketing skills and give you the best of marketing, and assist you  to reach the right audience so that you could get the right value for your efforts. Mr. Ramprasad is assisting in global management consuiting and training. Ramprasad is a perfect consultant for strategic management, planning and Training.

As we all can see on the website Mr. Ramprasad has spent decades in the pharma industry so having great knowledge and experience about pharma, and healthcare companies and now transferring his knowledge by giving consultations, and training about the pharma and healthcare industry.
As we know about Mr. Ramprasad is a great teacher,  leader,  advisor,  trainer, and business consultant.

You may reach him by contacting him through our contact form, email or talk to him directly  too.

 He has revolutionized by developing his Online tools for assessment, consulting and coaching in Interpersonal relationships and Customer Relationships through his Online tools XPRT and XCEL. Through these tolls he is able to identify the strengths of yours and your personnel to the tune of 98% accuracy.

You may download the PDF file on some of the suggestive training programs he offers.

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