Micro Volunteering
Micro Volunteering

Micro Volunteering

“Micro-volunteering describes a volunteer or a Team of Volunteers, completing a small task that make up a larger project. These tasks benefit research, charitable or non-governmental organization”-Wikipedia

Anything that is done voluntarily involves your commitment.  Or otherwise, you will not volunteer to do. Sometimes you do want to enter an activity in which you feel you can contribute and feel happy that you have achieved it. Does it happen often? May be not.

    Reasons for micro-volunteering inhibitions:

  1. You are not sure if you can do it.
  2. You know that you can do it, but you are not able to allocate the time slot needed.
  3. You doubt your competence
  4. You are not sure if you will be appreciated
  5. You feel that the place you must work is a brand new one to you and you are not confident,” if you will be accepted.
  6. You are competent that you can handle a certain portion of the job by your self in the time slot that you can allocate to do it but not entirely.
  7. You want to be a part of it but it being technical, are not sure you would be accepted even though you can do certain portions of the job well with a little guidance.
  8. You are in a position that you can do micro-volunteering and complete that portion of yours and feel the best way to do it is at your pace, following the guidelines given to get it done.

Please go through the above scenarios and if you feel any one or a few apply to you, then that means that you are capable, interested but hesitating to start or approach the right person to get going with micro-volunteering.

Let us remember that anything that is voluntary would involve self-assurance, self-motivation, and keen desire to do what you feel that you can do. Let us see an example suited to the current scenario.

During the Pandemic and the period of vaccination that took place or taking place now, in several countries, I would like to quote the example of vaccinations for covid-19 as it happened in India. The Government of India took up the challenging task of vaccinating 1.39 billion or 139 crores of people in the country. (July 1 201). A daunting task indeed. And they did it very successfully to the larger section of the population.

Their medical teams got assistance in the rural areas. In the rural remote villages, where transportation was difficult, they took the help of the local people, who can help them navigate the local transportation, walk along with them to guide, assist them in approaching the local villagers, educate and “create awareness of the campaign to vaccinate”. This helped them prevent fatalities to a greater extent and educate the villagers too.

Micro-volunteering helps you to contribute to the society.

Your ability to be kind to others, taking care of them, being kind to fellowmen, come to the fore. These qualities will help you to become a better person and thus improve your personality.

All micro-volunteering jobs may not get you an income. If you are keen on getting an income, you must choose those that get you an income. Remember, what ever you do as a part of this would help you add this as a part of your C V.

Today when everything has gone virtual, organizations that want to reach people, need volunteers to reach them in locales that they find it difficult to reach. Micro-volunteering can be undertaken at your leisure time including week ends. It is an opportunity to learn, giving back to society and helps you to become a “friend in need.” You can also use your skills in helping small businesses, learn and become an expert, learn to be a part of a team, acquire Leadership qualities. More than anything, YOU become a better Human.

You can Google for micro-volunteering, and you will get a lot of information on this topic. If you are keen on learning about micro-volunteering, do it now. Start today.

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